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Boom! A Tribute to a Tribute to Queen (2004)
All original material Copyright 2004 Tibor Csapo

Featuring: Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, from the album "To The Extreme" 1990, SBK Records.


See the video here!

This is a remake of the music video for Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

We couldn't come close to the Iceman's choreography, but the guys did very well nonetheless. Thanks to Frank, Stef, Pomers and the Doc for the shoot outside on the coldest winter night of 2004!

We made this film basically to harass Diniz, who hated what Vanilla Ice did to Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. Frank, who of course made it his mission to learn all the words off by heart, made the perfect Vanilla.

Of course, our coup de grace was having Diniz appear in the video! This was done by including him in the car sequence. All of the slates, scripts and other references had the title "Gangsta", to throw him off the track. Of course, Diniz then took off to Dubai and we had to get Lejla to courier the DVD to him. The footage of him watching it for the first time is priceless!

This video also featured Tibor's Mazda MX-5, including the final shot which was done the night before it was traded in. The Volvo made yet another appearance, and met a fiery end!

See the complete edit of the "Gangsta" car sequence here (with rough sound only).

The full film was sent to Australia's Funniest Home Video Show in the music video competition 2005 and we came runner up, along with I'm Afraid of Water!


Director & Producer:        Tibor Csapo


Vanilla Ice:                         Frank Csapo II

DJ Shay:                            Glenn Gallacher

Funky Fuzzy Hair:             Stefano Di Noro

2-Left McLips:                   Darren Pomeroy

Bobby Black-eye:             Darren Hellmund

Enya Phayce:                    Darija Spralja

Silent G:                             Kate O'Callaghan

Neet with Beat:                 Anita Spralja

Generic Child:                   Ted E. Bear

Twister Combo:                Tibor Csapo

Lesley Beeyan:                 Lejla Vrazalic

Dead-Eye Diniz:               Diniz Da Rocha