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Miffy v Hello Kitty
Miffy and Hello Kitty face off in a showdown to see who is the best!

The idea for this film came from some bickering between the guys about who was better: Miffy, the cute little bunny, or Hello Kitty, the superstar brand from Asia.

Fur will fly as Miffy and Kitty reveal a side of themselves not portrayed on Saturday morning TV!

The characters will be realised in CG, but the film will be shot using real back-plates.

The challenge, other than the animation, will be to make the characters interact with the real world in a believable way.

So far, many of the CG assets have been created, though not in final form. Locations have been scouted and we are casting the three real-life characters.

Timeline below:

4 August 2007:  Completed principal photography!

4 July 2007:    Shot with the only real-life talent, two little girls and their on-screen mum. Sadly, the manager at Hungry Jack's decided to give us trouble, despite the obvious free advertising and the fact that we brought over 10 paying customers to the place for breakfast AND lunch!

1 July 2007:    Continued principal photography, including the use of the crane and track dolly.

22 April 2007:     6.00am start for the first of the principal photography! Went       to Hungry Jack's in Figtree and started shooting backplates, making use of the grey/chrome sphere and marking my first real shoot with the Canon. Also prayed for the rain to stay away but my Manfrotto magic arm kit saved me by holding a large umbrella over the camera!

13 Mar 2007: Below is an animatic of the storyboard for the film with some filler sound effects.


12 Jan 2007: Below is a motion capture test with a rudimentary CG character composited into it. Dodgy CG character, but he is rooted in place!

        MoCap Test



All original material Copyright Tibor Csapo


Hello Kitty (C) Sanrio Company, Ltd. and Sanrio, Inc.

Miffy (C) Dick Bruna.