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I'm Afraid of Water! A Tribute to the Macho Seamen of the YMCA (2005)
See the video here!

This is a remake of the music video for In the Navy by Village People.

Finding a battleship to perform on was a bit tricky, so Andrew La Macchia kindly let us use his fishing boat in Wollongong Harbour.

Patrick Williamson joined the team to provide the essential extra person we needed, and after weeks of choreography, we were ready.

A 3.30am start let us finish by lunchtime. But what a mistake that was! The Harbour was teeming with people at that hour, including a large crane delivering a catamaran right next to us. Then we had the amateur photographers who thought we were great material!

Finally, the hot January sun made the last few shots tricky, especially for the guys with the stuck-on facial hair!

Special thanks to Glenn for shaving half his beard off to match his character!

The film was sent to Australia's Funniest Home Video Show in the music video competition 2005 and we came runner up, along with Boom!


Director:                            Tibor Csapo

1st Assistant Director:     Stefano Di Noro

Executive Producer:        Tibor Csapo

Producer:                          Glenn Gallacher

Associate Producer:        Frank Csapo II



Admiral:                             Stefano Di Noro

Sailor:                                Darren Hellmund

Cowboy:                            Patrick Williamson *

Leather Man:                    Glenn Gallacher

Construction Worker:       Frank Csapo II

Indian:                                Darren Pomeroy

Background Sailors:        Amanda Higgins & Darren Hellmund

Captain:                             Tibor Csapo



* Patrick Williamson appears courtesy of Pass The Popcorn Productions. Visit to see more of his antics!



All original material Copyright 2005 Tibor Csapo



In the Navy by Village People, from the album "Go West" 1979, Casablanca.

Macho Man by Village People, from the album "Macho Man" 1978, Casablanca.