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Strike a Pose: A Tribute to the Material Girl Expressing Herself (2006)
All original material Copyright Tibor Csapo 2006

Featuring: Vogue by Madonna and Shep Pettibone, from the album "I'm Breathless" 1990, Sire, Warner Brothers.


* Patrick Williamson appears courtesy of Pass The Popcorn Productions. Visit to see more of his antics!
Editing is done! All the late nights and temper tantrums were worth it!

Here are some edited, but not final, still frames.

Now to torture myself with the DVD menus...

This is a remake of the music video for Vogue by Madonna. Many thanks to the whole team for doing such a wonderful job on such a tight timetable! See it here!

We started principal photography on 2 April 2006 and were shooting almost every day and night for about 8 weeks! Many nights we spent around 8 hours, and that's while many of us had full-time jobs. Sets were dressed with the help of Splash Occasions.

We finally had the wrap shoot on 27 April 2006, shooting the last scenes on location at Stef's parents' house in Figtree!

2 May 2006: Finished! It looks great! Now for the DVD and premiere...

3 May 2006: Tape sent off to AFHVS. Fingers crossed!

13 May 2006: We won the National Video Test on Australia's Funniest Home Video Show!




Director & Executive Producer:     Tibor Csapo

Producer:                                         Glenn Gallacher

Associate Producer:                       Darren Hellmund


"Madonna":                                      Natasha Jones


Voguers:                                          Frank Csapo II

                                                          Darren Pomeroy

                                                          Patrick Williamson *

                                                          Glenn Gallacher

                                                          Darren Hellmund

                                                          Stefano Di Noro


Maid:                                                Leanne Spiteri

Butler:                                               Tibor Csapo

Chorus:                                            Jillian Hellmund & Leanne Spiteri

Hands:                                             Anita Spralja & Frank Csapo II

Cat on plinth:                                   Cleocatra


See our workload on the Production Timesheet. Here are some of our production pictures. Enjoy! (See further down for rendered stills!)