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Transformers: Interpreted



On 19 May 2007, Tiby celebrated his 32nd birthday. The party's theme was to interpret the name of a Transformer. During the night there were a number of competitions including:

Best interpretation.

Fastest transformation of a Cybertron Starscream figure.

1. How many Transformers does Tiby have in his entire collection?

2. How many Beast Wars figures does Tiby have?

3. How many Optimus Prime / Convoy / Optimus Primal / Ginrai figures does Tiby have?

4. What is the total value of Tiby’s Collection?

5. What planet do Transformers come from?

    a) Earth

    b) Cyberton

    c) Velocitron

    d) Mars

6. What year did Transformers start (generally accepted)?

7. What was the highest price Tiby paid for a single Transformer?

8. Set out the order of the figures from most valuable to least valuable.

Here are some pics:

Prime (Tiby):

Prime1.jpg (608228 bytes) Prime2.jpg (603755 bytes)

Red Alert (Pat Williamson - Winner Best Interpretation):

Red_Alert.jpg (590766 bytes)

Winner - quickest transformation (Glenn Gallacher):

Winner_Transform.jpg (611302 bytes)

Air Raid (Maria Csapo (centre - with Frank Csapo and Rozalia Csapo)):

Air_Raid.jpg (568777 bytes)

First Aid (Jeff Randall and Franca Parolin):

First_Aid.jpg (593729 bytes)

Grimlock (Michael Payne):

Grimlock.jpg (627472 bytes)

Laserbeak (Glenn Gallacher):

Laserbeak.jpg (550735 bytes)

Outback & Silverstreak (Jill & Darren Hellmund):

Outback_Silverstreak.jpg (552530 bytes)

Rumble (Frank Csapo II):

Rumble2.jpg (597664 bytes)

Rumble (Zlatko Spralja):

Rumble1.jpg (523662 bytes)

Springer (Stefano Di Noro):

Springer.jpg (569394 bytes)