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The projects Downstairs Studios have been involved with include short films, animations, documentaries, wedding videos, birthday videos, tributes, music videos, parodies and education videos.

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The Curse of Daria Green (in pre-production)

The Return of Daria Green (in pre-production)

Untitled (Star Wars fan film - in production)

Miffy v Hello Kitty (in production)

Gold Wally 2007 (2007): Carol Bertram receives the Kells The Lawyers Gold Wally for a washing day adventure involving a too-tight shirt!

Gold Wally 2006 (2006): Jean-Paul Fraticelli receives the Kells The Lawyers Gold Wally. A story involving Jean-Paul, a toilet and Peter Kell...

Strike a Pose: A Tribute to the Material Girl Expressing Herself (2006): a tribute to Vogue by Madonna (Winner National Video Test 2006).

Innocent (2005): Frank Csapo II pays the price for eating a kebab not made by Necdet. Special thanks to "The Transformers Movie".

I'm Afraid of Water! A Tribute to the Macho Seamen of the YMCA (2005): a tribute to In the Navy by Village People (Finalist National Video Test 2005).

Boom! A Tribute to a Tribute to Queen (2004): a tribute to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice (Finalist National Video Test 2005).

Smooth Operator (2004): secret camera footage of some smooth moves.

Gold Wally 2003 (2003): David Burrows scores his second Gold Wally while trying to save a bike from damage.

Desire (2003): "This summer, things are hotting up, in the name of desire!" Stefano Di Noro gets punished in this trailer.

How to Handle a New Customer (2002): a training video that speaks for itself.

Gold Wally 2001 (2001): David Burrows wins the Gold Wally Award after a lawn-mower accident.

Kells The Lawyers: Episode III: The Kells Empire (2001): a documentary that looks at the empire that is Kells The Lawyers.

DMA: Me, Myself & I (with Darija Spralja) (2001): DMA's music video to "Me, Myself & I".

Gold Wally 2000 (2000): Craig Borg wins the Gold Wally while contributing to the NSW speed camera revenue fund.

Kells The Lawyers: Episode II: The Planning Weekend (2000): a vision of the future in the eyes of the partners.

Hunted (with Mario Spralja) (2000): a squad of soldiers trying to get home become victims of a voodoo warrior.

Don't Look (with Mario Spralja) (2000): a psycho is on the loose in suburbia. Hang on, someone's at the door...

Gold Wally 1999 (1999): Alison White wins the Gold Wally for sending a personal e-mail to the whole firm.

Kells The Lawyers: Episode I: Christmas Special (1999): the partners get together to discuss advertising the firm.

The Picture of Daria Green (with Darija Spralja): Darija's HSC major work, for which she received full marks!

Anti-Discrimination Law at Work: a corporate training video which was submitted as a Uni assignment

1800 Harass (aka Beryl) (with Edith Nyers): an animated ad with an anti-harassment message.

Mac Attack II (in production): Mac's back! But so is Luigi, and he's out for revenge!

Mac Attack: Mac Donaldson, action hero, takes on the mafia, but what is he looking for...?

The Young and the Sexy II (1989): John is back, and he's giving relationship advice to his brother.

American Ninja 4: The Revenge (1988 - remastered 2000): a young ninja avenges the death of his father at the hands of the Scorpion crime syndicate. Remastered in 2000 with new edits, effects and music!

The Young and the Sexy (1987): our debut - a crazy love story featuring romance, action and a psycho dad!